Mondelez International: accelerating e-commerce efforts

Deerfield / IL. (mdlz) Mondelez International Inc. announced the rollout of a global partnership with ChannelSight that will maximize e-commerce sales opportunities across its digital media touch points such as brands´ product pages, social media, video advertising and CRM campaigns. Over the coming months, Mondelez International will continue to add «Buy Now» buttons to owned, earned and paid media platforms across 25 markets, linking to over 130 retailers´ websites, to make it easy for consumers to both find and buy Mondelez International products online. After a successful pilot phase in 20 markets with over 100 retailers, the company is now rolling out the technology into additional regions and markets with brands such as Oreo cookies, Cadbury chocolate and Trident gum.

«As a global company, we are looking at converting all our media investments into buying opportunities for consumers by driving e-commerce transactions at key retailers´ websites. This partnership is a crucial step in our journey to help accelerate growth through e-commerce», said Bonin Bough, Chief Media and E-Commerce Officer at Mondelez International. «By turning more of our branded content into buying opportunities for consumers, we will also continue to improve our return on investment and this will help fuel growth for our Power Brands».

«We are truly leading the charge with this partnership. In addition to the media monetization aspect, it will also enable us to get more insights into consumer behaviours, preferences and motivations. And leveraging this intelligence in e-commerce is indispensable», said Cindy Chen, Global Head of e-commerce at Mondelez International.

ChannelSight´s Buy Flow technology will simplify the consumer buying journey by directly transferring users to Mondelez International products at key retailers´ websites. With unprecedented visibility from all media platforms, ChannelSight´s technology will help capture data and actionable insights that will provide a deeper understanding of media effectiveness, how consumers engage with brands and what drives them to a purchasing decision.

«We are excited to further deepen our successful partnership with Mondelez International. Our market-leading platform sets the standard for in-media purchase-enablement technology for large brands», said John Beckett, CEO of ChannelSight.

In addition to simplifying the path-to-purchase experience for consumers, ChannelSight´s technology also creates opportunities for retail partners by driving highly qualified traffic to their websites, triggering planned and impulse shopping transactions.