New EU organic logo: Who will pay the promotion?

Brussels / BE. (ifoam) The Ifoam EU Group acknowledges the new organic production logo of the EU – the stylised leaf made of EU stars on a green background introduced by the Commission Regulation (EU) No 271/2010 published in the Official Journal of the European Union.

Christopher Stopes, Ifoam EU Group President: «The organic sector has been waiting for the new logo following publication of the Organic Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 in 2007. The new obligatory EU organic logo provides the EU with an opportunity for the further development of the organic market in the EU by using the logo to promote organic products among EU consumers».

User manual of the EU organic farming logo (PDF, 25 pages, 397 KB)
Terms of use for the logo (PDF, eight pages, 113 KB)
Commission Regulation (EU) No 271/2010 (PDF, four pages, 871 KB)

Bavo van der Idsert, Ifoam EU Vice-President: «The EU logo for organic food makes a statement to consumers: Organic quality throughout the EU and equivalent quality organic products from outside EU. To strengthen consumer trust we will have to continue our efforts for further harmonisation of organic quality within the EU, to emphasise the quality and values behind the logo. However, the organic sector remains concerned that European food labelling initiatives are focussing on single issues, for example referring to climate change, animal welfare or biodiversity. These and other eco-labelling initiatives risk undermining the organic label which stands for a viable multifunctional approach to food production based on a coherent and consistent approach towards the whole sustainability concept».

Alexander Beck, Chair of the Ifoam EU Specialist Group Organic Processing: «Organic producers look forward to the challenges related to the new organic food labelling requirements. After 01 July 2010, the day the new logo will be obligatory for new organic products placed on the market, organic products bearing new EU organic logo will appear on the market. However, for the few next years we will have products with a variety of national organic logo´s, the old EU organic logo and the new EU organic logo on the market. The change of labels and packaging will place additional costs on organic producers, thus the organic sector appreciates the transition periods for using old packaging included in the regulation».

Stopes adds: «The new logo will require a wide promotional campaign. The sector will have to invest to integrate the logo on packaging and in communication over the coming years. It seems fair that the Commission and national governments devote sufficient resources to promote the new EU organic logo to consumers».

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