Novozymes: enters partnership with DTU of Denmark

Bagsvaerd / DK. (nz) Novozymes is entering a new partnership with the Center for Sustainable and Green Chemistry and the Department of Chemical Engineering at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The Bio-Petrochemicals project is partially funded by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation, that set nine million DKK aside for the project. Additional funding will come from private contributions. The goal of the Bio-Petrochemicals project is to improve the existing processes for converting sugars and biomasses into biochemicals for manufacturing textiles and plastics. This will make it possible to replace the use of oil as a raw material in these processes, thus reducing the release of CO2. «Other universities are also doing research in this area, but we intend to be a leader in the development of new catalysts and are also looking at the part of the process that deals with enzymes», says project manager Sven Pedersen, Senior Manager at Novozymes. «There are interesting long-term perspectives for the project. Once the processes have been improved to the extent that they are commercially attractive, the potential will also exist for manufacturing various other industrial products using sustainable technology». However, this is far into the future. Danish companies and universities can seek support from The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation for doing research and innovation projects in fields of technology in which Denmark is uniquely qualified and has particular potential.

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