NRA: honours 20. «National Food Safety Month»

Washington / DC. (nra) As part of its strong commitment to food safety, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) announced this year´s National Food Safety Month (NFSM), held annually in September, will mark its 20-year anniversary by featuring the top 20 food safety tips from the past 20 years. NFSM was created in 1994 to heighten awareness about the importance of food safety education. NFSM offers free resources for foodservice industry professionals and will highlight tips for a number of food safety topics including cleaning and sanitizing, cross-contamination, time-temperature control, personal hygiene and allergens. «In honour of National Food Safety Month celebrating its 20-year anniversary, we are pleased to share the top tips from the past 20 years covering a variety of vital food safety information», said Dawn Sweeney, President and CEO of the National Restaurant Association. «Our industry serves 130 million meals daily making food safety a top priority year-round for the country´s nearly one million restaurant and foodservice establishments».

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