Oterra A/S: forms pioneering partnership with Vaxa Technologies

Hoersholm / DK. (hnc) Denmark’s Oterra A/S, the world’s leading supplier of natural colors, proudly announces a pioneering partnership with Vaxa Technologies Limited, a prominent food and climate tech company renowned for its revolutionary scientific approach to microalgae production in Iceland. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in the industry, introducing an environmentally conscious and carbon-neutral process that delivers a breakthrough natural color component derived from microalgae.

Recognizing the shared commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions, the collaboration is a natural progression for both – Oterra in Hoersholm and Vaxa Technologies in Reykjavik. The partnership is a testament to the power of industry connections and the potential for transformative collaborations.

(Photo: Vaxa Technologies)20240130-VAXA-TECH-1440

The Oterra and Vaxa Technologies partnership commitment to minimal impact on land, water, and climate is exemplified by the integration of natural color production into one of the world’s largest geothermal plants. The facility maximizes sustainability by utilizing waste heat, natural CO2 emissions, hot and cold water, and operating on 100 percent clean energy.

Challenging Industry Norms: Producing Algae with Minimal Water + Land Footprint

The collaboration focuses on state-of-the-art practices, requiring only up to 2 percent of the fresh water and land footprint for producing natural color compared to industry standard open pond systems. This achievement sets a new benchmark for responsible resource usage and sustainable practices.

Optimized for growth, Vaxa Technologies’ indoor growth platform, integral to the partnership, utilizes advanced machine learning technology for controlled, optimized and scalable microalgae production. Free from contaminants, this collaboration offers high-quality choice in the natural color solutions market.

«This partnership not only underscores our dedication to delivering a cutting-edge natural color solution to the global market, but also our commitment to a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. As we embark on this remarkable journey, we reshape the landscape of natural food coloring, a testament to the bounty of nature,» says Martin Sonntag, CEO at Oterra.

Vaxa Technologies’ Novel technology integrated with the Icelandic clean energy eco system creates a bio-secured facility that ensures optimum growth conditions and enables microalgae to thrive in pristine Icelandic water, guaranteeing a safe and clean production process. The partnership with Oterra will enable the food industry to enjoy our joint commitment to purity, quality, and the preservation of the natural world,» says Ohad Bashan, CEO of Vaxa Technologies.

For Oterra, this partnership positions the company as a trailblazer in the evolution of its sustainability vision. By incorporating Vaxa Technologies’, Oterra reinforces its commitment to providing sustainable solutions to its customers. On the other hand, for Vaxa Technologies, this collaboration is a testimony for the commercial production capabilities using its breakthrough technology, to deliver an improved, cleaner ingredient to the food industry, leveraging Oterra’s leadership position in the market.

As Oterra and Vaxa embark on this partnership, the primary focus is on delivering enhanced value to customers. Both companies are excited about the possibilities ahead and are committed to making a positive impact on the global food industry by providing with sustainable and innovative solutions.