Saturday, 28. November 2020
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Zimbabwe: people are living from hand to mouth

Harare / ZW. (beu) One of Zimbabwe´s main bakeries – Lobels Bread – has sent hundreds of workers on forced leave and has exhausted its reserve stock of flour, a company executive is cited as saying: «Flour availability has deteriorated and this has forced us to use our strategic stocks since May. Now we are only left with two days´ supply», the executive told the official Herald.

GFF: about «Functional Benefits of Grain-Based Foods»

Ridgeway / CO. (gff) Numerous innovations are rapidly changing the nutrient profile of bread and other grain foods. Prebiotics, Omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin D-fortified yeast, other grain flours, soy, fruits, additional fiber and resistant starch are just some of the items currently being added. At the same time, an increasing number of manufacturers in the United States are removing or reducing trans fats, sodium and sugars from grain based foods.