Teamsters: propose buyout plan for IBC

Washington / DC. (ibt) The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) said it was teaming up with a baking company and an investment group in a bid to acquire Interstate Bakeries Corporation (IBC). Stating that its bid is aimed at «saving thousands of jobs at the bankrupt company», Teamsters said the partnership would bring financing from Yucaipa Companies, a holding company that has focused its activities on food retailing, and «operating prowess» from Bimbo Bakeries USA.

Modern Bakery Moscow: satisfied faces everywhere

Weiden / DE. (owp) Satisfied faces at Modern Bakery Moscow: the some 180 exhibitors who took part in the 13th International Specialist Trade Exhibition for Bakery Equipment + Food Ingredients are now hard at work fulfilling their big haul of exhibition order business. Everything turned on bakery machinery, bakery and confectioner fittings and equipment, chocolate manufacturing machines, coffee processing, natural and functional foods at Expocentr Fairgrounds in Russia´s capital.

Kraft Food: reports disappointing third quarter

Northfield / IL. (kf) Kraft Foods Inc. reported strong third quarter revenue growth of 9,8 percent. Earnings per share excluding items affecting comparability declined as investments in growth initiatives and higher input costs, particularly dairy, more than offset the benefits of strong revenue growth, cost savings and share repurchases. The report in key points:

Ebro Puleva: raises turnover 8,3 percent

Madrid / ES. (ep) The turnover of the Ebro Puleva Group reached a level of 1.955 million in the first nine months of 2007 – 8,3 percent up on the same period of 2006. The Group also achieved growth in its operating figures, with a three percent growth in EBITDA to 215 million Euro, after investing 65 million Euro in advertising, 19 percent more than last year. The EBIT or Operating Profit was up 3,4 percent to 146 million Euro.

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