Flowers Foods: hosts analysts´ meeting at NC bakery

Thomasville / GA. (ff) At an event hosted for financial analysts, executives of Flowers Foods Inc. outlined the company´s growth strategies and reiterated previous guidance for fiscal 2007 of 2,02 billion USD to 2,04 billion USD in sales, an increase of seven to eight percent over 2006; net income from continuing operations of 84,8 million USD to 93,8 million USD; and earnings per share from continuing operations of 0,92 USD to 1,02 USD, an increase of 13,6 to 25,9 percent over 2006 results.

IBC: fails to reach deal with unions

Kansas City / MO. (ibc) Interstate Bakeries Corporation (IBC) says that it has not been able to reach a mutually acceptable agreement with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) on modifications to its collective bargaining agreements necessary to allow a more capable and cost-effective path-to-market, specific health and welfare concessions, and increased work rule flexibility.

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