Papa John’s: Celebrates First Restaurant in PL-Warsaw

Louisville / KY. (pj) Papa John’s International Inc., the world’s third largest pizza company, continues its expansion into new countries with the opening of the first Papa John’s restaurant in Poland. On December 15, 2017 Papa John’s opened its doors at the downtown Warsaw, Poland location. Papa John’s is now in 45 countries and territories around the globe.

PJ Western signed a development agreement to open 23 restaurants in Poland beginning in late 2017. PJ Western currently operates 144 Papa John’s in Russia and Belarus and will continue to expand in Eastern Europe and into Central Asia.

«We are very excited about establishing and expanding the Papa John’s pizza brand in Poland, and we plan to open new locations in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan soon as well», said Christopher Wynne co-owner and CEO of PJ Western. «We believe that our passion for quality and superior ingredients will be well received in Poland and our new customers will enjoy a better pizza».

«PJ Western continues to have great success in Russia and Belarus and we are excited about their expansion plans», said Tim O’Hern, Senior Vice President + Chief Development Officer. «We expect that Christopher and his team will continue to deliver on our better ingredients. better pizza. brand promise in Poland».

Papa John’s International is currently looking for potential franchisees in Paris, France, as well as Belgium and Denmark.