PizzaForno: Automated Pizzeria Expands to Georgia

Toronto / CA. (pizz) PizzaForno, North America’s first automated pizzeria that bakes artisan pizza in less than three minutes, 24 hours a day, is officially expanding into Georgia. The first of three new locations is opening in Atlanta’s popular Buckhead neighborhood at Roswell Road, with two additional locations opening around metro Atlanta later in May.

The three entrepreneurs responsible for this expansion are business partners Tyler Young, Paul Nair and Mick Patel. Young has always had a passion for the restaurant industry, and started running restaurants when he was in college. Paul is the founder and owner of Savi Provisions, a neighborhood spot for organic foods, wine, spirits, and sandwiches. Mick Patel is Director of Business Development and Franchise Owner of Savi Provisions. The three were always interested in technology and innovation in the restaurant space and were immediately drawn to PizzaForno.

«One of the biggest issues I’ve seen with all my time in the restaurant industry is labor retention,» said master licensee Tyler Young. «With PizzaForno, we solve that problem. Not only are we offering a high-quality, fresh product, but we are able to offer it 24/7 without worrying about staffing.»

The trio are passionate about bringing this dining option to the area, and plan to install units in universities, hospitals and anywhere else that people would benefit from convenient, 24/7 access to their product. While they plan to open five units throughout the year, they hope to bring a total of 50 to the area.

Founded in 2018 by Canadian entrepreneurs William Moyer and Les Tomlin, PizzaForno is North America’s only automated pizzeria which introduces gourmet artisanal pizzas in less than three minutes. Accessible 24/7 at the tap of a digital screen, PizzaForno offers a selection of innovative menu options, each made with high quality ingredients, with an authentic approach. Utilizing technology made popular in France by Adial, PizzaForno has built their brand on a proven machine with already 3,000 operating in Europe. PizzaForno currently has 61 operating locations and over 500 additional locations committed in the U.S. alone, with the first 50 U.S. locations already established in Michigan, Texas, and Louisiana. In 2020, PizzaForno was honored with the Restaurants Canada 2020 Innovation Award.

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