Puratos: Expands Presence in Kosovo Market through JV

Groot Bijgaarden / BE. (pnv) Belgium’s Puratos Group, a global leader in bakery, patisserie and chocolate ingredients, announced a strategic partnership with Korabi Corporation, the renowned bakery and patisserie ingredient supplier in Kosovo. This collaboration aims to enhance Puratos’s market presence and deliver exceptional baking solutions to customers in the region.

Established in 1994 by the Zeka family, Korabi Corporation has emerged as a trusted distributor of Puratos products in the Kosovo market. Their commitment to quality and successful distribution track record have solidified their position as a market leader. The newly-established joint venture «Puratos Korabi» will continue to distribute the extensive range of Puratos products, providing customers with the highest quality ingredients for their needs.

Headquartered in Pristina, Korabi Corporation operates an innovation center and a bakery school, demonstrating their dedication to excellence and fostering talent within the baking industry. With a team of skilled professionals, Korabi Corporation has built a strong reputation for exceptional service and customer satisfaction.

The collaboration between Puratos and Korabi Corporation represents a shared commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality bakery and patisserie solutions to the Kosovo market. By leveraging each other’s strengths and expertise, Puratos Korabi aims to elevate the baking experience for customers and drive mutual growth in the region.

Oliver Tilkens, President North + Eastern Europe at Puratos, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, «We are delighted to join forces with Korabi Corporation to further expand our presence in Kosovo. Through this collaboration, we aim to provide our customers with exceptional bakery, patisserie and chocolate solutions and reinforce our commitment to their success.»

Korab Zeka, General Manager at Puratos Korabi adds, «The establishment of Puratos Korabi marks a significant milestone for both companies and the bakery and confectionary industry in Kosovo. As the General Manager of Puratos Korabi, I am proud to lead this venture and build upon the legacy of success established by Korabi Corporation.»