Pure Flour From Europe Initiative Drives Record Exports

Rome / IT. (pfe) The association «Pure Flour from Europe» has triggered a surge in Italian wheat flour and semolina exports, setting industry records with a remarkable value of 337 million euros in 2022. Notably, 14.5 percent of these exports were sourced from organic agriculture, reflecting the growing consumer demand for healthier and sustainable products.

This success underscores the effectiveness of the Pure Flour from Europe initiative. Sponsored by the Italian Milling Industry Association (ItalMopa) and co-funded by the European Union, this initiative champions the quality, versatility and uniqueness of European and Italian organic soft wheat, durum wheat flours and semolina flour.

Comparing the 2022 worldwide value of Italian exports of wheat flour and semolina with the pre-campaign year 2021, 2022 saw growth of 92.5 million euros, 11 percent deriving from exports to the United States and Canada, and 2 million euros from the increased export of organic wheat flour and semolina. Within its first year, the campaign led to an expansion of approximately 150 percent in organic flour and 60 percent in semolina exports to Canada and the United States.

Piero Luigi Pianu, director of ItalMopa, explains, «Our goal is to increase demand among chefs, hospitality professionals and consumers in international markets like the United States and Canada. European flours, especially Italian, are among the world’s finest in quality, safety and versatility. The EU’s rigorous food safety regulations and dedication to environmental sustainability are crucial in maintaining the vitamins, fibers, minerals and phytochemicals that make our flours more digestible, aromatic and nutritious.»

Pure Flour from Europe highlights the growing interest in high-quality organic flour and semolina. Chefs and home cooks are recognizing their superior taste and nutritional benefits. The campaign promotes healthier lifestyles, sustainable choices, and proper storage methods to preserve nutrients and enhance flavors in the flour and semolina while ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals.