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Ralcorp Holdings: to purchase Sepp’s Gourmet Foods

St. Louis / MO. (rh) Ralcorp Holdings Inc. announced that it has acquired Sepp´s Gourmet Foods Limited, a leading manufacturer of frozen breakfast foods for the retail and food service sectors with annual net sales of approximately 29,3 million USD. Sepp´s, which is based in Canada, will continue its operations in Delta, British Columbia and in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Kevin J. Hunt, Co-Chief Executive Officer and President of Ralcorp Holdings: «We welcome the Sepp´s management team and employees to the Ralcorp family. Sepp´s will become a key part of our frozen bakery business and will enhance Ralcorp´s frozen bakery product offerings».

Ralcorp produces Post branded cereals, a variety of value brand and store brand foods sold under the individual labels of various grocery, mass merchandise and drugstore retailers, and frozen bakery products sold to in-store bakeries, restaurants and other foodservice customers. Ralcorp´s diversified product mix includes: ready-to-eat and hot cereals; nutritional and cereal bars; snack mixes, corn-based chips and extruded corn snack products; crackers and cookies; snack nuts; chocolate candy; salad dressings; mayonnaise; peanut butter; jams and jellies; syrups; sauces; frozen griddle products including pancakes, waffles, and French toast; frozen biscuits and other frozen pre-baked products such as breads and muffins; and frozen dough for cookies, Danishes, bagels and doughnuts.
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