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Real Good Food: expansion at Hayden’s Bakeries

Liverpool / UK. (rgf) Real Good Food Company PLC subsidiary Hayden´s Bakeries Limited announces its intention to create up to 150 new jobs over the next two to three years. As part of the continued confidence in recovery at Hayden´s, the company announced the unveiling of an additional 33’000 square feet of capacity close to its current site in Devizes. This announcement comes as part of the Hayden´s management team strategic plan for the next three years. The strategic ambitions of the team are to:
double the current turnover within the plan period
create a new Distribution facility over the next twelve months
Modernise the manufacturing capability
Market the Company´s core competencies to existing and new customers

Chairman of the Real Good Food Company, Peiter Totte, along with Paul Smith (Hayden´s MD) met Claire Perry, Member of Parliament for Devizes and other local dignitaries at the opening of the new facilities last this week.

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