Rescued: Boels + Partner takes over Bäro Retail Lighting

Leichlingen / DE. (boels) After preliminary insolvency proceedings were initiated against the assets of Bäro GmbH + Co KG in January 2023, the team led by insolvency administrator Marion Rodine the beginning of March, the players can now report a restructuring success. «We are pleased that we have found a solution for Bäro’s lighting business in such a short time,» says Rodine, who as insolvency administrator has now succeeded in the transferring restructuring of Bäro’s lighting division. «We are encouraged here by the fact that the investor not only wants to preserve the Bäro brand, but also to lead it to a new radiance.»


Want to lead Bäro to a new radiance (from left): Oliver Steelant (Sales Manager BeLux), Ester Boer (Chief Financial Officer), Yvonne Boels (Chairman Bäro and Chief Executive Officer Boels + Partners), Peter Renders (Manager Team International Business) and Mariana Ferreira (Architect and Light Planner).

The buyer of Bäro’s lighting business is a holding of the Dutch family office Boels + Partners (editor’s note: Birts Investment BV). Its CEO, Yvonne Boels, was supported in the transaction by Drs. Ester Boer (future CFO) and the experienced M+A consultants Daniel Grube and Frederik Olms (GO + Company).

«Bäro’s tradition in particular, as well as its high-quality products, aroused our interest in the company. We are confident that we will find the right strategic direction to bring Bäro back to its former strength. The feedback we have received from customers so far is positive,» Yvonne Boels sums up. She is already looking ahead: «We will use our many years of restructuring experience as well as our soft spot for medium-sized, family-run companies to restore the Bäro brand to its former glory. In doing so, we must and will work hard to justify the trust of customers, suppliers and employees.»

In addition to the Boels restructuring team, Bäro executives Rüdiger Scheffler and Peter Renders will in future be working in responsible positions alongside many of their previous colleagues in the realignment of «Bäro 2.0» in Leichlingen, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Boels + Partners is a Dutch Family Office, which is mainly active in Benelux, Germany and German-speaking countries in the acquisition of medium-sized family businesses in special situations. The responsible management has more than 35 years of investment and restructuring experience. Bäro is an owner-managed medium-sized company founded in 1967. For more than 50 years, Bäro has been implementing international lighting projects with a focus on food retailing. In addition, Bäro has been on the market since 1996 in the field of Clean Air Technologies, offering UV-C solutions for cleaning and disinfecting air and surfaces, especially for commercial kitchens, catering and food production (industry and trade) and premises of all kinds.