RFG: Brumby´s Bakeries de-listed

Southport / AU. (rfg) Australian Retail Food Group Limited (RFG) advises that Brumby´s Bakeries Holdings Limited (Brumby´s) is now de-listed and removed from the official list of the Bendigo Stock Exchange. On conclusion of the offer period, RFG holds now 99,87 percent of the shares in Brumby´s. Retail Food Group is a leading Australian food brand manager and franchisor. RFG manages under licence the Donut King and bb´s cafe brands throughout Australia and New Zealand. As at August 01, there was a total of 288 Donut King outlets established in Australia with a further total of 70 bb´s café outlets established within Australia and New Zealand. Brumby´s Bakeries Holdings Limited is the franchisor and intellectual and property owner of the Brumby´s system. As at July 19 there was a total of 321 Brumby´s outlets established in Australia and New Zealand (press release).