RGF: Highlights Strong Sales and Velocity Growth

Cherry Hill / NJ. (rgfc) The Real Good Food Company Inc., an innovative, high-growth, branded, health- and wellness-focused frozen food company, released the U.S. Spins retail scanner performance data across all of its products from the most recent period ending January 23, 2022. For perspective, Spins data captures consumption data in the Food, Drug and Mass retail channel, which represents approximately 50 percent of the Company’s sales.

  • The overall Frozen category grew 5.6% over the four week period.
  • The Health + Wellness Frozen Food subcategory, which includes Health and Wellness focused brands like Real Good Foods, grew 11.5% over the four week period.
  • Real Good Foods brand in total grew 63% over the four week period, compared to 57% over the twelve week period.
    • Real Good Foods core products, which include Entrée and Breakfast items, grew 162% over the four week period.
    • Real Good Foods Brand velocities grew 119%, and base dollar sales velocities grew 111%.

In addition, certain new products introduced within the last 90 days, are now included in Spins database retroactively and resulted in Spins restating RGF sales higher for the previous period ending 12/26. For the four-week and twelve-week period ending 12/26, sales were revised upwards by $426,473 implying growth of 69% versus YAG in prior 4 weeks (previously reported 56%) and 44% versus YAG in prior 12 weeks (previously reported 40%).

Sources: 1. Spins Total US MULO, excluding Costco, dollar sales for 4-week and 12-week ending January 23, 2022. All comparisons in this paragraph are to the same measured period in the prior year. 2. The “Overall Frozen Category” and “Health + Wellness Frozen” category excludes Frozen and Refrigerated Meat, Poultry+ Seafood.

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