Romania: Wheat prices high, available quantities low

Bucharest / RO. (mf) Romanian news services spread the message, that the Romanian mill and bakery companies groan under a very high wheat price this year, while the available wheat quantities are five times lower than 2006. They will decide on a possible increase in bread price in two or three weeks, when new crop provides new raw material. The price for wheat from the new crop is on an average of 0,50 to 0,55 RON per kilogram and can reach up to 0,56 or 0,57 RON – compared with the reference price from 2006 of 0,45 RON per kilogram. According to several producers many farmers however traded the wheat below this threshold.

Rates of exchange: 100,00 RON = 43,45 USD = 32,10 Euro on July 02.