Rotiboy Bakeshoppe: «One is never enough …»

Jakarta / ID. (wib) Currently, «Rotiboy» franchise chain has nine stores in Malaysia, ten stores in Thailand, two in South Korea and more than 20 stores in Indonesia. The 1998 in Penang (Malaysia) established bakery maintains successful a special lifestyle. Beneath the famous Rotiboy Mexican buns the Bakeshoppe stores are selling around 60 varieties of bread, cakes, cookies and pastries. Today headquarter of Rotiboy International is settled in Malaysia´s capital Kuala Lumpur. But what is so great about Rotiboy, that people in Southeast Asia write love letters to Mexican buns? 2006 it even happened in Bangkok, that Rotiboy buns were sold on the black market. When have you heard the last time, that bakery products were sold at a price 40 to 60 percent higher than the retail price? It seems to be a very big hype around Rotiboy Mexican buns in the region. So we are pleased that we can show you a picture – found in «JenzCorner». A click connects you with Rotiboy International.