Russia: Back To Bread Rationing?

Moscow / RU. (mn) Some days ago, bread prices began to go up in the Russian regions following a steady and widespread rise in flour prices. Average wheat prices have jumped by seven to ten percent over the last few weeks. The consequences soon became visible in bakeries. According to analysts, Russians will have to pay 20 percent more for bread on average by the end of the year, «Moscow News» reports and asks: «Food Ration Cards – Staging a Comeback?». In Altai Territory, the price of a white loaf has gone up by on average one ruble. In the Komi Republic, minibakeries are refusing to produce «welfare» varieties of bread on the grounds that flour prices are up 17 to 20 percent. In the Sverdlovsk Region, in Tula and Chelyabinsk, bread prices are up three to seven percent. Some people believe that a «Miller´s Dream» becomes true and it is not easy for officials, to explain the worldwide relations between grain market, biofuel and harvest failures.
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