Russia: to satisfy domestic and foreign requirements

Moscow / RU. (ami) In the current agricultural year, Russia will provide grains both for domestic and foreign requirements, declared Arcadiy Zlochevskiy, the president of Russian Grain Union, on August 12. According to Zlochevskiy, despite all difficulties with the weather and all risks, connected with the crisis, the country will receive rather rich harvest. According to estimations of the Ministry of Agriculture, in the current year, the harvest will total 85 million tonnes, but the figures will be defined more exactly during the harvesting campaign. In the current year, the carry-over stocks grew by two times compared to the previous year. But the reduction of prices for agricultural products decreases the possibility of agrarians to organize appropriate winter sowings. In 2009, agrarians will sow winter crops throughout 17,8 million hectares, up 600 thousand hectares compared to 2008. The Central and Volga Districts started the winter sowing campaign (source:

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