Sandwich Brand Announces Global Expansion Plan

Atlanta / GA. (isb) Inspire Brands Inc. announced two international franchise agreements to bring »Jimmy John’s«, the largest owned-delivery sandwich brand in the United States, with more than 2,600 restaurants in 48 states, to Canada and Latin America, launching the brand’s global expansion plan.

The brand’s focus on quality ingredients, convenience and digital innovation blended with ease of operations uniquely positions the brand for international appeal. Its global expansion will usher in a new way for international guests to enjoy its iconic menu – the ability to order hot, toasted sandwiches as a customization option.

«For 40 years, Jimmy John’s has taken a straightforward approach to making ridiculously good, quality sandwiches and it’s now time to share them with the world,» said Michael Haley, President and MD International for Inspire Brands. «In a global restaurant environment where simplicity is paramount, we’re confident this brand is primed for extensive international growth.»

20240118-JIMMY-JOHN(Graphics: Inspire Brands Inc.)

The brand has reached agreements with two strong operators who both possess significant quick service restaurant experience and have established extensive footprints throughout Canada and Latin America.

  • Foodtastic – A leading franchisor of restaurant brands in Canada, with more than 1,100 restaurants and USD 1.1 billion in sales.
  • Franquicias Internacionales – Based in El Salvador, has a robust portfolio of several complementary businesses across food and beverage, digital media and logistics.

According to Inspire Brands »Jimmy John’s« obsessive approach to culinary excellence and operational efficiency has helped fuel its growth in the U.S. and will be the foundation of the international expansion.