Sarisske Pekarne: publishes results of 2006

Presov / SK. (wib) Sarisske Pekarne a Cukrarne A.S. reports total sales of 294 million SKK in 2006 – plus 5,1 percent in relation to 2005. Production costs grew by 8,6 percent to 221,8 million SKK. The industrial bakery company generated added value of 125,6 million SKK, while 121,5 million SKK in 2005. The Presov based company informed in a commercial bulletin on that it closed last year with a taxed profit of 2,3 million SKK, while its loss in 2005 was 54,9 million SKK, of which the loss from financial operations reached 54,6 million SKK. Balance-sheet total of the company stood at 230,8 million SKK. Of this, fixed assets were at 151,4 million SKK. Shareholder´s equity covered company´s assets at 79,6 percent. Liabilities amounted to 45,3 million SKK. Sarisske Pekarne a Cukrarne was founded in 1992, building on more than thirty years tradition of the former Vychodoslovenske Pekarne a Cukrarne in Presov. The joint-stock company has two bakeries and one pastry producing unit.

Rates of exchange: 100,00 SKK = 4,07 USD = 3,01 Euro on July 02.