SingCell to License Technology from University of Singapore

Vancouver / BC. (ebg) Eat Beyond Global Holdings Inc., an investment issuer focused on the global plant-based and alternative food sector, is announcing that its portfolio company SingCell Tx Pte Limited has entered into a technology development agreement with the National University of Singapore to evaluate and license its plant-based edible microcarriers technology.

«The initial performance of these microcarriers in terms of cell attachment and proliferation is very promising and could solve the cost and scalability issues in the cultured meat industry,» said Karolis Rosickas, CEO of SingCell. «This technology is very complementary to SingCell’s existing 3D cell culture technology, and soon we will be able to offer a more comprehensive bioprocessing scale-up solution to our clients.»

SingCell operates as a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), offering its proprietary platform to third-party alternative meat companies, which provides scalable processes for cultured meat manufacturing. SingCell has a rapidly growing pipeline of potential projects.

«SingCell is focused on improving the feasibility of the cultured meat industry by focusing purely on the cost and scalability of the technology,» said Eat Beyond CEO Patrick Morris. «The company is also located in Singapore, which is truly the epicenter of this industry and was the first jurisdiction globally to approve cell based meat for consumption.»

The Singapore government has placed a major focus on innovation that will drive food security and make the nation less dependent on foreign suppliers. SingCell is well positioned to leverage these programs to develop its technology and manufacturing infrastructure in Singapore.

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