Skinner Baking: Bringing More Than 390 Jobs to Texas

Austin / TX. (gov) Governor Rick Perry announced the James Skinner Baking Company is creating a new bakery production facility in Paris, along with 393 jobs and 25 million USD in capital investment. The state is providing 1,8 million USD through the Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) to close the deal on this job creation. The governor was joined by company President Audie Keaton, Paris Mayor Dr. A.J. Hashmi and State Representative George Lavender for the announcement.

«This announcement is the product of hard work from the James Skinner Company, officials here at the local level and hard-working Texans across our state who have made the phrase ‘Made in Texas’ a worldwide mark of quality and dependability», Perry said. «While the Texas Enterprise Fund helped us close this deal, it is these investments paired with the strength of our workforce and our commitment to the conservative fiscal principles that are the foundation of our economy that make the real difference when the decision is made to expand or relocate».

James Skinner Baking, based in Omaha (Nebraska), supplies more than 200 million pastries and baked goods per year to customers throughout the U.S. Its products are offered under the Skinner brand and other branded and private label names to store bakeries, foodservice companies and distributors. The company also specializes in co-packing for contract food manufacturers.

«With a focus on moving forward, Skinner has partnered with the people of Paris, Texas and plans to acquire the 390’000 square feet multi-million Dollar former Sara Lee bakery facility. J. Skinner´s strategy to take artisan baking into new directions is a perfect fit for Paris», Keaton said. «Many Paris companies are pursuing innovative solutions in the foods industry. Food and consumer goods manufacturing and packaging is Paris, Texas, and they are willing and able to accommodate industry partners with a can-do attitude. With a commitment to the craft of baking and providing unforgettable eating experiences, Skinner will continue to be an industry leader within our category and Paris, Texas will be part of the recipe for success».

About: The J. Skinner food legacy began in 1911 when brothers Paul and Lloyd founded the Skinner Macaroni Company. In 1979, then the sixth largest US pasta producer, Skinner Macaroni was sold to Hershey Foods Corporation. Four years later, grandson and current company CEO Jim Skinner started James Skinner Baking Company with his father Lloyd