Solör Bioenergi: acquires Lantmännen Agrovärme

Stockholm / SE. (lg) Sweden’s Lantmännen Group divests Lantmännen Agrovärme, which produces, distributes, and sells district heating from 19 plants in the southern and central parts of Sweden to approximately 1100 customers. The company has a clear focus on providing its customers with sustainable energy. The buyer is Solör Bioenergi – one of the largest players in the Nordic district heating markets.

Agrovärme’s strategy is to contribute to a circular economy. About 95 percent of the heat from the business comes from the combustion of locally produced biofuels, such as wood chips, energy forests, wood pellets and rest products from agriculture. Agrovärme operates in 19 locations in Sweden and the heating plants deliver approximately 150 Gigawatts annually. In 2019, the business expanded to include production of biochar in several of its plants. «Lantmännen Agrovärme is a stable company that has shown good development in its local markets for several years. However, in order to maintain its growth rate, it is important that Agrovärme becomes part of a larger company with district heating as its core business,» says Joachim Haas, Managing Director, Lantmännen Fastigheter AB in Stockholm.