South Korea: Egg sandwich brand expands to the Philippines

Seoul / KR. (ghc) Golden Hind Company Limited announced the expansion of its premium egg sandwich brand «EggDrop» to the Philippines. For CEO Young-woo Noh this is the second location outside South Korea after the first store in Thailand’s Capital Bangkok.

According to the Company the brand’s entry into the Philippines follows a 10-store agreement in Thailand, the brand’s first country of global expansion. It completes a multi-franchise agreement to open five stores in the Philippines. «EggDrop» will launch two stores in the Philippines in H1-2024, followed by three additional stores in H2-2024 in key locations.

The brand’s entry into the Philippine market is part of Golden Hind’s dynamic overseas expansion strategy, which aims to provide consumers with a new gastronomic experience that is both delicious and healthy.

Starting with its first store in 2017 and completing the opening of 298th stores in South Korea as of November 2023, «EggDrop» has achieved sustained sales growth in a short time thanks to its product design, healthy and delicious concept, and Instagrammable food and package design. Building on this growth in South Korea, Golden Hind completed several Overseas Trademark Registrations and now eyes a worldwide expansion, including the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and India.

«We are very excited to announce the second international expansion,» says Chief Executive Youngwoo Noh. «We look forward to providing a fun experience for consumers in the Philippines.» In addition to Thailand and the Philippines, «EggDrop» is seeking master franchise partners in other countries such as the United States and Japan to grow the brand’s presence globally.