Strauss: contends with continuing profit erosion in H1-2023

Petach Tikva / IL. (sg) Israel’s Strauss Group Limited published its financial statements for the second quarter of 2023, summing up the first half-year with 10.1 percent organic growth and NIS 5,179 million in revenues, largely thanks to continuing growth in the company’s business in Israel, China, the United States and Brazil. Revenues in the second quarter were NIS 2,625 million, reflecting 12.4 percent organic growth.

Gross profit in the half-year was NIS 1,676 million, 32.4 percent of sales, and operating profit was NIS 379 million, 7.3 percent of sales, reflecting a persistent downward trend in profit margins due to ongoing input inflation and rising raw material prices. Net income attributable to shareholders in the six-month period was NIS 219 million. In the second quarter, the Group’s gross profit was NIS 839 million, 31.9 percent of sales, and operating profit was NIS 171 million, 6.5 percent of sales.

Group CEO Shai Babad: «Strauss delivered a half-year of sustained growth across all businesses in all regions, as margins continue to erode as a result of elevated raw material prices and inflation. We continue to pursue the implementation of our strategic plans, the launch of new products and consumer-centric innovation, while implementing internal productivity improvement processes to increase our margins, and optimizing our portfolio.»

(Non GAAP Figures) Q2-2023 Q2-2022 Change
Total Group Sales (NIS mm) 2,625 2,276 15.3 %
Organic Sales Growth excluding FX 12.4 % 4.6 %
Gross Profit (NIS mm) 839 691 21.2 %
Gross Margins (%) 31.9 % 30.4 % +150 bps
Ebitda (NIS mm) 275 201 36.6 %
Ebitda Margins (%) 10.5 % 8.9 % +160 bps
Ebit (NIS mm) 171 102 65.2 %
Ebit Margins (%) 6.5 % 4.5 % +200 bps
Net Income Attributable to Shareholders (NIS mm) 85 70 21.3 %
Net Income Margin (Attributable to Shareholders) (%) 3.2 % 3.1 % +10 bps
EPS (NIS) 0.72 0.60 21.2 %
Operating Cash Flow (NIS mm) 61 140 -56.4 %
Capex (NIS mm) 127 99 28.3 %
Net debt (NIS mm) 2,977 2,455 21.3 %
Net debt / annual Ebitda 3.0x 3.0x 0.0x

Strauss Israel

Strauss Israel delivered revenues of NIS 2,020 million in the first half, reflecting 15.6 percent growth compared to the corresponding period last year. Strauss Israel’s operating profit was NIS 186 million.

The company’s market share in Israel grew to 11.9 percent compared to 11.5 percent last year, but it has still not regained pre-recall levels (12.3 percent). Health + Wellness sales were NIS 1,497 million, up 11.7 percent, and operating profit was NIS 162 million. The Fun + Indulgence segment’s revenues in the half-year were NIS 523 million, reflecting an increase of 28.6 percent, and operating profit was NIS 24 million. The confectionery business continued to recover with a market share of 23.6 percent[4] in the second quarter and 24.4 percent in July, compared to 28 percent-29 percent before the 2022 recall.

Strauss Coffee

Strauss Coffee delivered another half-year of growth with revenues of NIS 2,506 million, reflecting 12.6 percent growth over the corresponding period. The coffee company’s operating profit was NIS 190 million, down 18.6 percent compared to the same period last year. In Israel, coffee revenues were NIS 407 million, up 3 percent compared to the first half of 2022, and operating profit was NIS 53 million, reflecting a decline of 22.4 percent compared to last year.

In Brazil, the coffee company Três Corações delivered revenue growth with sales of NIS 1,404 million, (for 50 percent ownership) up 11.1 percent. Operating profit was NIS 96 million, down 45 percent compared to the corresponding half-year in 2022, due to the moderation of coffee selling prices in Brazil. Três Corações’s average value market share in roast + ground (R+G) coffee in the first half of 2023 was 33.8 percent, compared to 32.7 percent last year.

Revenues in the coffee business in Russia and Ukraine were NIS 336 million, up 18.5 percent; Poland – NIS 169 million, up 25.2 percent; Romania – NIS 111 million, up 29.2 percent; and Serbia – NIS 79 million, up 25.4 percent.

International Dips + Spreads

The International Dips + Spreads segment continued to rally as market shares in the US improved and revenues continued to recover and grow. Sales in the first half were NIS 260 million (for 50 percent ownership), up 35 percent, and the operating loss was NIS 10 million. Sabra’s sales amounted to NIS 221 million, (for 50 percent ownership) up 46.3 percent, and the operating loss was NIS 6 million. In July, Sabra’s market share in North America rose to 40.8 percent.5

Strauss Water

Strauss Water continued to grow in the first half with revenues of NIS 392 million, up 2.5 percent compared to last year. Operating profit in the period was NIS 45 million, down 6.1 percent. In the half-year, the water business in China delivered revenues of NIS 395 million (for 100 percent ownership),12.5 percent growth and NIS 48 million in net profit (100 percent ownership).

Kitchen FoodTech Hub

Since its establishment, the FoodTech incubator has invested in 25 companies. As of June 30, 2023, the total value of investments in the portfolio startups, which are presented in the financial statements according to the equity method, was NIS 116 million (on June 30, 2022: NIS 150 million). The fair value of these investments on the same date was NIS 613 million (June 30, 2022: NIS 559 million).