Strauss Israel: Confectionary plant resumes production

Petach Tikva / IL. (sg) Israel’s Strauss Group Limited is pleased to announce that its confectionary manufacturing sites in Nof Hagalil are gradually returning to production following a thorough clean-up of the plant and significant investments in infrastructure in the two sites where the Elite brand confectionary products are manufactured.

Manufacturing operations are being restored following the completion of thorough cleaning processes and large-scale investments in infrastructure, as well as adjustments to production and quality control and assurance processes in both sites. The company has increased the scope of quality tests of all raw materials, production batches and the work environment to ensure that high quality and food safety standards are maintained. The company notes that the confectionery plants in Nof Hagalil are resuming production after receiving the Ministry of Health’s quality standard approval for the gradual operation of their production lines. Full manufacturing operations will be restored in coordination with the Ministry of Health and will take several months.

The first products to be manufactured as production is renewed are the wafer and Baflot brands. These products will gradually be back on the shelves within the next few weeks, after the company has built up sufficient inventory for marketing purposes. Elite’s other well-known brands are expected to return to the shelves gradually.

In the recent period, outsourced production at facilities in Israel and in other countries has been stepped up to allow for the earlier supply of some products. These include the production of dark Para («Cow») chocolate brand and Splendid chocolate brand, which are currently being manufactured at plants in France and Belgium that specialize in chocolate production.

Strauss Israel CEO Eyal Dror commented: «We have refurbished the two Elite plants in Nof Hagalil and are resuming production after reinforcing and augmenting management and quality control and assurance processes to ensure that all products are safe for consumption. Following numerous requests, the initial production of part of the products will be gluten-free.

«I would like to thank the hundreds of people who were involved in the works to restore operations at the plants. In the next few weeks, we will be focusing on the gradual operation of production lines under tight control, and once we have built up enough inventory, we will begin marketing the products.»

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