Sweden: Coop Mini is coming to Gåvsta northeast of Uppsala

Solna / SE. (coop) Coop Stores and Supermarkets opens its third Coop Mini. The first was opened in Täby in September, the second as part of Stora Coop Haninge (opening soon) and the third opens today in Gåvsta, 1.5 miles northeast of Uppsala.

In Gåvsta, northeast of Uppsala, residents have about 1.5 miles as the crow flies to the nearest grocery store. Coop Butiker och Stormarknader wants to change that and is opening its third 24-hour, completely unmanned Coop Mini at the location today. Using Coop’s Scan + Pay mobile app, customers unlock the store themselves, scan their groceries, pay and walk out. The approximately 30-square-metre store contains several hundred dry, chilled and frozen items, and if you find something missing, you can easily order it online at coop.se and pick it up from the cupboard outside the store.

The goods for Coop Mini and the pick-up cabinet come from Stora Coop Boländerna in Uppsala, one of Coop Butiker och Stormarknader’s e-commerce hubs that also offers home delivery in Uppsala and the surrounding area.

«For the local marketplace and the municipality of Uppsala, Stora Coop Boländerna has made it possible to strengthen our offer and to reach out to customers we have not previously been able to reach with our traditional physical stores alone. Stora Coop Boländerna will be more than just a physical store,» says Samir Radjai, online sales manager at Coop Butiker + Stormarknader.

The concept of 24-hour open and unmanned is growing within Coop Stores + Supermarkets. In Täby, a Coop Mini recently opened and in Haninge, another Coop Mini will open soon next to the existing Stora Coop. At Coop Tystberga outside Nyköping, major parts of the offer and the store remain open even after the staff have gone home. Here, as in the Coop Mini, customers unlock the store themselves, scan their goods, pay and go out using the Scan + Pay mobile app.

«With Coop Mini and digi-physical solutions, we have the opportunity to reach out to customers and members in an area that lacks a grocery store, is far from the nearest store or where it is not practical to establish a regular physical store, as in Gåvsta. It is also an opportunity for us to test a new market before deciding on a possible permanent establishment,» says Meta Persdotter, CEO of Coop Butiker + Stormarknader and adds:

«We see an increasing need among our customers to be able to shop for high-quality food at times and places that suit different lifestyles. With 24-hour unmanned stores and hybrid stores combined with our e-commerce offering where we offer supermarket selection at supermarket prices, I hope customers will find Coop Sweden to be a forward-thinking partner and support in making the most of their lives.»

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