Sweden: They can win the Mack-SM 2021

Stockholm / SE. (bca) Who makes the best sandwich in Sweden? Eight of the country’s best mack-makers will compete in the final of the Mack-SM 2021. As always, there will be great creativity and inspiration when the finalists present their innovative and tasty sandwiches to the jury under severe time pressure. This year’s final will take place on 10 November at Stockholmsmässan.


How about a sandwich made of Jerusalem artichoke bread with hazelnut butter, cream of horseradish cheese topped with sweet and sour blueberries? Or how about a grilled levain bread with tarragon butter, fluffy potato mousse with a hot smoked mackerel fillet on top? During the Mack-SM, the finalists will take things to the next level, offering great inspiration, new trends and creativity. In recent years, mackerel has become a natural, sustainable and nutritious part of restaurant and café menus.

«In the Mack-SM, the sandwich will once again be given the place it truly deserves. Over the past year, with a lot of work at home, the simpler lunch sandwich has become a natural part of Swedish homes, but now we can once again go out and enjoy really good sandwiches with high quality and new great flavours. In this year’s edition, the finalists will offer plenty of inspiration on how the sandwich can become a really tasty, healthy and sustainable element of the Swedish lunch plate in the future,» says Martin Lundell, CEO of the Swedish Bakery + Confectionery Association, which organises the competition.

During the final, the finalists will create 20 sandwiches in just 45 minutes, which in previous finals has created great drama for both participants and spectators. Everything except the bread and any protein such as meat, fish or poultry is prepared and created on site from scratch. Due to the previous restrictions on crowds and the cancellation of the fair, the final on 10 November will be watched on site by a limited audience and media. Other mackerel enthusiasts will be able to watch a summary and the awards ceremony broadcast live on www.macksm.se on 10 November at 15:00. Here, the large audience that usually gathers on site will be able to watch the eight finalists compete for the SM title.

Entries and finalists for the Mack-SM 2021

  • »Caesarish« by Jennie Wester, K-Mark, Stockholm
  • »Mak-grill« by Anders Svensson, Bageriet Sjöstrands, Munka-Ljungby
  • »Autumn dream on toasted spelt«, by Michaela Andersten, freelance baker, Rotebro
  • »The recycler« by Marica Lundberg, Estvalls Bageri + Konditori, Moheda
  • »Imperial« by Annica Brännborn, Ica Maxi in Kristianstad
  • »Oh my sweet deer« by Liv Johansson, Kaffestugan in Böda, Öland
  • »A glimpse of autumn« by Veronica Vikström, Bageri Kardemumma, Täby
  • »Green sandwich« by Mikaela Eliasson, Haga Schweizeri, Stockholm


For more information on the Mack-SM 2021 ask Martin Lundell, CEO of the Swedish Bakers + Confectioners Association, email martin@bageri.se

The Mack-SM competition aims to crown Sweden’s tastiest, healthiest and trendiest lunch sandwich. Mack-SM is organised by the trade association Sveriges bakare + konditorer and sponsored by KåKå. Sveriges bagare + konditorer is the trade association for the bakery and confectionery industry in Sweden and has more than 400 member companies. The winner of Mack-SM 2021 will win SEK 10,000 to use for industry-related educational purposes (Photos: BCA).