Taiwan: Lugar Home Bread Bar hits them all

Taipei / TW. (beu) The recent closure of the WeCare chain of bakeries was a sad day for Taipei´s bread-loving community. Living up to its name, WeCare offered a variety of healthy breads, many of which catered to vegetarians, and carefully listed the ingredients of each loaf on custom-made signs, writes Taipei Times. Indeed, the franchise went a long way to disprove the claim that Taiwanese have a penchant for only sweet white bread.

Another testament to the change in local tastes is the recently opened Lugar Home Bread Bar. Not so much a bakery as it is a restaurant, Lugar offers a variety of quality homemade breads that are baked daily on the premises.

But that´s not all. Complimenting the breads is a variety of sauces – actually spreads – that are either served on the side or inside two sizes of bread rolls. In addition to the bread, it is clear that customers come to Lugar for the many spreads available. Beyond that the restaurant offers a range of nice dishes and desserts.

Both days Taipei Times editors ate at Lugar, «… the restaurant was packed with patrons armed with digital cameras, making pictures which presumably ended up on their blogs. The interior, with its white walls, olive couches and chic finishing is attractive, but it is the bread and sauces that will keep patrons coming back».

Well, bakenet:eu did not find a website of the restaurant, but we found two blogs with a lot of pictures that people made in the restaurant – about Lugar´s interior and all the nice attractive products.

Have a look at https://blog.yam.com/peray1/article/11215515 and