Tajikistan: to ban grain exports in southern oblasts

Dushanbe / TJ. (ami) Representatives of the state authorities of the southern Khatlon oblast of Tajikistan enforced grain export ban to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan till spring 2011. The region accepted the decision due to the same grain export ban in Russia, which seriously affected the situation in Tajikistan.

Grain export trading from Tajikistan to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan passes thorough Khatlon oblast. Tojiddin Sodikov, Head of the Agricultural Department of the oblast, stated that last year Tajik farmers produced one million tonnes of grains, which totalled 60 percent from the general demands of the country.

According to him, in the current year, grain crop volume will be even lower, and that is why, it is necessary to cut down exports in order to escape prices increase for food in the country.

To date, the average level of purchasing prices for 3-grade wheat under DAF st.Begabad (Uzbekistan – Tajikistan) conditions total 181 USD per ton. 1-grade flour under the same conditions and under DAF st.Kudukli (Uzbekistan – Tajikistan) conditions costs 208 USD per ton, the price of 1-grade flour totals 268 USD per ton.

According to the announcement of grain traders of Tajikistan, Kazakh 3-grade wheat price increased by ten USD per ton compared to the previous week, and as of the middle of August, the price totalled 290 to 300 USD per ton. The traders are sure that the growth will continue. The cost of Kazakh 1-grade flour stayed on the previous level. Flour price in the country totals 440 to 450 USD per ton (source: agrimarket.info).