Teamsters: no confidence in IBC management team

Washington / DC. (ibt) In a letter that included petition signatures from nearly 4.000 Teamster IBC workers, the Teamsters Union told the board of directors of Interstate Bakeries Corporation (IBC) some days ago, that CEO Craig Jung´s management decisions are «misguided and dangerous».

«This petition shows that IBC Teamsters have no confidence in Mr. Jung´s management», said Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa. «Mr. Jung´s risky, short-sighted decisions pose a threat to IBC´s product quality, customer base, and market share. IBC Teamsters are alerting the board of these risks while there is still time to change the company´s management direction».

The letter cited Jung´s proposed implementation of an experimental delivery system and rash decision to close IBC´s Southern California operations, two moves that the union says could jeopardize the company´s already fragile customer base.

Jung has proposed implementing a new «Path to Market» delivery system that is largely untested in the bakery industry. Snack food companies have utilized the system, but the shelf life of those products is substantially longer than the baked goods that IBC counts as its flagship brands (Wonder Bread, Hostess Twinkies …).

«Jung´s intransigent position on Path to Market and mean-spirited decision to close its Southern California operations and attempts to wrest further sacrifices from the dedicated workers who took wage concessions earlier in the bankruptcy is the wrong approach», said Hoffa. «Why should our members follow Jung´s path when he is not willing to discuss and recognize the sacrifices being asked of our members»?

«We urge the IBC board of directors to examine closely the performance of their current management team», said Richard Volpe, Director of the Teamsters Bakery Conference. «Their shortsightedness, misguided and risky operational decisions and failure to act in the best interest of IBC´s shareholders, workers and customers threaten the very future of this company». More than 9.000 IBC employees are represented by the Teamsters Bakery Conference at bakeries nationwide (press release).