Teamsters: Ratify New Contract At Bimbo Bakeries

Washington / DC. (ibt) The Teamsters have voted by a large majority to ratify a new five-year contract at Bimbo Bakeries USA. The contract secures significant wage increases for more than 900 union members and improves health care protections. «This contract ensures Teamsters across all classifications will put more money in their pockets. We have a contract we can be proud of as a result,» said IBT Chief Negotiator Jeff Padellaro. The newly ratified agreement at Bimbo Bakeries covers route sales professionals, transportation drivers, loaders, and merchandisers. The contract includes wage increases averaging 9.5 percent in the first year (up to USD 3 per hour), initial increases in commissions, a ratification bonus of USD 2,500 and annual lump sum payments of USD 1,000 beginning in the second year.

Union members at Bimbo Bakeries work at two bakeries, two distribution centers and 20 retail centers throughout California. Prior to ratification, the agreement was unanimously recommended by 12 Teamster locals representing members at Bimbo Bakeries: Locals 87, 137, 150, 186, 315, 386, 431, 439, 853, 856, 948 and 986. IBT represents more than 7,000 workers at Bimbo Bakeries and its subsidiaries nationwide.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), or «Teamsters» for short, is the transportation workers’ union and the largest single union in the USA, based in Washington, District of Columbia. With around 1.4 million dues-paying members (as of 2004) and 400,000 retirees, IBT is one of the largest single unions in the world. Originally, IBT was only a union for truck drivers, but then developed into a general transportation workers’ union and is now also active in the food industry. IBC played a rather inglorious role in the demise of Interstate Bakeries Corporation (IBC), once the largest bakery company in the U.S.. The intransigence of the union was one of the reasons why the management finally split up the company – in economically challenging times – and sold it off in smaller units. For example, Hostess Brands, which recently became part of the Smucker Company, emerged from IBC in 2009.