Technomic: Hispanic Foodservice Consumer Trend Report

Chicago / IL. (tni) At nearly 17 percent of the total U.S. population, Hispanic consumers represent a rapidly growing customer base for foodservice operators. As Hispanic buying power climbs by 50 percent to 1,5 trillion USD in 2015, this group will have a larger economic impact at restaurants and other foodservice locations. Restaurant operators and suppliers that understand their unique preferences will be well-positioned to capture more business from the growing Hispanic segment.

«Hispanics are looking for good taste, quality, freshness and a strong value equation when they dine out, just like other consumers», says Darren Tristano, Executive Vice President of Technomic Inc.. «But Hispanics also stand out from other restaurant goers—especially in terms of the high importance they place on family-friendly amenities and ambiance, food and flavor authenticity and recognizing their culture and native language when communicating to them though marketing and advertising».

To help foodservice executives understand the latest behaviours, preferences and attitudes of Hispanic consumers, Technomic has updated its «Hispanic Foodservice Consumer Trend Report». Interesting findings include:

  • Less-acculturated consumers are twice as likely as more-acculturated Hispanics to look for Hispanic foods (39 percent and 20 percent, respectively) and flavours (45 percent and 20 percent, respectively) at American-style restaurants.
  • Authenticity is key: Twice as many Hispanics (44 percent) compared to the general population (21 percent) say they would pay more for food described as authentic. In addition, 71 percent of Hispanic consumers say that food at Mexican or other Hispanic restaurants should taste authentic.
  • More than two in five Hispanic consumers (44 percent) agree that they are more likely to visit foodservice locations that offer Spanish-language advertisements. This percentage is strongly driven by less-acculturated Hispanics (79 percent).
  • More Hispanic consumers (46 percent) than the general population (33 percent) say that a family-friendly atmosphere is one of the most important restaurant attributes they look for when deciding where to eat.

Technomic´s «Hispanic Foodservice Consumer Trend Report» provides comprehensive research on the latest menu and consumer trends for this growing customer base, organized into four major sections: Menu, Marketing + Concept Trends – Consumer Insights – Trends to Watch – Profiles.