Technomic: releases 2022 foodservice industry predictions

Chicago / IL. (tni) Technomic released three whitepapers uncovering 2022 foodservice predictions for the U.S., Canada and global markets. Navigating labour constraints, supply chain challenges and shifting consumer behaviours, operators will focus on adapting strategies and finding new innovative solutions. Overall, Technomic predicts that industry recovery will continue in 2022, forecasting that the U.S. will surpass its 2019 sales level and Canada will be just 3 percent shy of pre-pandemic sales levels. From menu restructuring to rethinking the guest experience, operators across regions will reconsider priorities aligned with new consumer and market dynamics.

U.S. highlights

  • Expanding menus without adding new SKUs
  • Leveraging salt as the trend of comfort-plus expands

Canadian highlights

  • Attention to butter grows as comfort food continues to trend
  • Investments into more compact models that support delivery and takeout

Global highlights

  • Eggs appearing more on all-day sandwiches and handheld offerings
  • Expansion of functional concepts across food and beverages

Read each whitepaper on Technomic’s website

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