Telepizza: Arrives in Iran

Madrid / ES. (tp) Spain’s Telepizza, the leading non-US pizza delivery company by number of stores, announces its arrival in Iran in March 2017 via a strategic master franchise alliance with its partner Momenin Investment Group and the objective of 200 stores in 10 years. This will mean opening some 20 establishments per year and an investment of 100 million EUR in ten years by MIG. The first store will be found in the country’s capital, Teheran, after which seven others will be opened before the end of the year.

«The arrival of Telepizza in Iran is a major accomplishment in our international expansion and represents a great opportunity for our business. We are delighted to share the essence of our brand, nothing less than offering pizza with a unique flavor at any time or place, with Iranian consumers», remarks Pablo Juantegui, Chairman and CEO of Telepizza.

«We are very satisfied to have found a travel companion like Momenin Investment Group to begin our venture in Iran, which promises to be very interesting. We will be the first European chain in the QSR segment to set up in this country, catering to the customers’ demand that went unmet up to this point», states Giorgio Minardi, International Chairman of Telepizza.

«Telepizza is a global brand that we are proud to be able to introduce in Iran. A distinguished brand concept with high degree of product innovation, excellence in delivery and consumer technology, that will allow us to bring to Iranian people which was missing today in the market: freshly quality handmade pizzas, friendly and innovative delivered at a great value to be enjoyed anywhere», explains Hadi Momenin, representative of Momenin Investment Group.

Other recent international openings

On top of Telepizza’s arrival to Iran, the company has announced other important operations in terms of international expansion throughout 2016. In this respect, Telepizza has made it known that it will open 80 stores in the United Kingdom over the next 10 years, alongside Karali Ventures Limited, as well as develop a business plan that includes 300 new establishments in a decade, through the collaboration of 20 franchisees. Additionally, in Malta, through the partnership with Joseph P. Attard, the brand will have one store in the first quarter of 2017 and three more in the next three years. As for Saudi Arabia, it is already one of the countries with Telepizza establishments following the recent inauguration of three stores in Riyadh, the capital. They are the first of 100 projected stores over a 10-year period. In this case, the operation was carried out in collaboration with Emtyaz Catering Company, a subsidiary of Al Bayan Holding Group.

Telepizza, a successful international project

Since its arrival in Chile in 1992, Telepizza’s international expansion has not yet stopped. 1’342 shops (456 company-owned and 886 franchisees and master franchises) are operating in 15 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, offering its products to more than 60 million customers with total sales of 506 million EUR. The company also has its own factories in six countries (Spain, Portugal, Poland, Chile, Columbia and Peru) as well as master franchise factories in six additional territories: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Central America, Russia, Bolivia, and Angola; and also has partner warehouses in Ecuador and Poland.

Telepizza Group

We are the largest non-U.S.-based pizza delivery company in the world by number of stores. Headquartered in Madrid, Spain, Telepizza operates in more than 15 countries through a network of own stores, franchisees and master franchisees, with 1’342 stores globally, including 456 own stores (34 percent) and 886 franchised and master franchised stores (66 percent) as of 30 September, 2016. Including our U.S.-based competitors, we are the fourth largest global player in pizza delivery in terms of number of stores. We are the market leader in our core markets by number of stores (number one in Spain, Portugal, Chile and Colombia and number two in Poland). The total sales within our network, including own stores, franchisees and master franchisees, are recorded as chain sales, which amounted to 506 million EUR in the twelve months ended 30 September 2016, with an underlying Ebitda of 63.4 million EUR over the same period. Telepizza listed on the Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia stock exchanges with its shares starting trading on 27 April 2016. The total number of shares is 100’720’679.