Tengelmann: invests in U.S. chocolate firm Tcho

Mülheim an der Ruhr / DE. (tg) German Tengelmann Group has, together with its American subsidiary Emil Capital Partners LLC, acquired a shareholding in premium chocolate maker Tcho. The capital Tengelmann and Emil Capital invested will primarily serve to push the company´s expansion forward: in addition to the expansion of sales activities, measures to increase awareness for the company, expand plant capacities and introduce new products are in planning. «Tcho is already firmly established in its market environment in the US. The company has excelled particularly through its dedication to innovation and high quality standards for the procurement of raw materials and production», Tengelmann explains in a news release. Tcho is involved in every step of the chocolate making process, from bean to bar. The chocolate maker works directly with cacao farmers to improve bean quality by helping them develop new methods for fermentation and drying.