Tous Les Jours: Korean group targets 200 bakeries in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City / VT. (div) South Korea´s CJ Foodville Group has a chain of approximately 1’200 Tous Les Jours bakery cafes in Korea as well as outlets in China and the United States. In early 2007 CJ announced plans to develop a franchise chain of some 200 Tous Les Jours bakeries across Vietnam, a market that – an executive of the group said – has much room for quality bread, cakes and pastries.

After the first bakery cafe opened in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) in June 2007, TLJ opened the second and the third in 2008. This year Tous Les Jours plans to double the number of outlets it operates in HCMC. A spokesman of CJ Bakery Vietnam Co. Ltd. said the company had a clear strategy to reach the number of bakeshops with the focus on HCMC and Hanoi in the first five years.

«There are already four Tous Les Jours bakeries in HCMC and two more will be opened in this city this year», the spokesman said to local media when the fourth Tous Les Jours bakeshop was opened this month.

The company said CJ Bakery Vietnam would centered on promoting and positioning the Tous Les Jours brand as a bakery for quality bread, cakes and pastries in HCMC in the first three years operation before branching out to Hanoi. He expected the first Tous Les Jours shop in Hanoi would be inaugurated in the third quarter of next year, and after that more outlets of this brand would be available in other cities of Vietnam.

History of Tous Les Jours

Cheil Jedang Group (CJ Group) established Tous Les Jours in 1996 as a leading chain in the food industry´s premium café bakery segment. Tous Les Jours developed an on-site production system for each store to provide customers with 100-percent freshly baked products, as well as delectable cakes made from the finest ingredients and the most sophisticated fermentation technology. Highlights:

  • September 1997: Opened 1st Tous Les Jours Store in Gu-Ri, South Korea.
  • November 1997: Established Frozen dough facility in Um-Sung, South Korea. Started mass production and distribution with the most advanced frozen dough technology.
  • September 1998: Started franchise licensing to the public.
  • April 1999: Opened 100th store.
  • September 2000: Introduced Tous Les Jours frozen dough in the United States.
  • June 2001: Opened 300th store.
  • May 2002: Added Coffee, Sandwiches, and Fruit Juice menus successfully.
  • January 2003: Introduced Café-style Bakery business model.
  • April 2004: Opened first store in the U.S.
  • May 2005: Established Central Kitchen in Monrovia, California.
  • August 2005: Opened first store in China.
  • June 2007: Opened first store in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • July 2008: Reached 1’000th store.

Tous Les Jours on the internet

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Tous Les Jours USA – only TLJ USA, but English language.
Cheil Jedang Group – Korean-English web site.

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