U.S.: Donsuemor sets focus on simple ingredients

Alameda / CA. (alm) Donsuemor Inc. leads the industry with simple ingredients and wholesome indulgences without preservatives, additives or artificial coloring. Timeless classics like the Traditional Madeleines have been a staple for the past 40 years, with the later expansion of new treats like French Almond Cakes and Sablés.

From humble beginnings, the Alameda, California based bakery has brought life to French-inspired treats that embrace tradition. With dedicated practices, Donsuemor presents classic recipes, individually packaged, straight to the consumer.

«Food should never be boring. It should have a story», said Laure Chatard, Director of Sales and Marketing, North America at Donsuemor. «Donsuemor has transcended time while navigating and leading new trends-without changing our traditional products».

Starting from scratch, Donsuemor values the origin and quality of ingredients. The rich, unforgettable flavors of Donsuemor cookies are the product of the real and fresh butter used in every batch. Donsuemor prides itself on providing full transparency in labeling and sourcing of ingredients.

The product line showcases the iconic shell-shaped cookies that come in a variety of flavors including Traditional Madeleines, Dipped Madeleines, Lemon Zest Madeleines and seasonal Pumpkin Spice Madeleines. Crumbly and crunchy Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Cinnamon Sablés are favorites, as well as the elegant, small cakes – French Almond Cakes.

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