UK: «Stop United Biscuits moving Liverpool jobs to India»

London / UK. (un) Workers at United Biscuits (UB) Liverpool have kick-started a petition to urge United Biscuits not to go ahead with plans to move 170 jobs to India. Unite members at United Biscuits face an uncertain future while the company decides on proposals to move UK jobs abroad later this month.

Workers from the Binns Road site will be visiting Liverpool town centre to encourage the public to sign their petition. The petition calls on the local community, government and local MPs to show their support for the workers by signing up to the «Stop United Biscuits moving Liverpool jobs to India» campaign.

A Unite Regional Officer said: «United Biscuits is owned by private equity firms Blackstone and PIA whose only motive is profit. It is the hard-working staff who have made this company profitable and they deserve to be treated a lot better than this. We must make sure that this is not allowed to happen or we will continue to face more job losses and what jobs will there be in Merseyside for our children?»

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