Ukraine: Customs Service to limit grain and flour exports

Kiev / UA. (ami) Several large-scale operators of the grain market in Ukraine confirmed to APK-Inform Agency that Ukrainian Customs Service artificially blocked exports of flour from the country. According to several market participants, workers of the Customs Service started collecting samples of flour, and the further analysis in Kiev. In some cases, the term of realization of the mentioned analysis takes one month. Of course, the fact makes Ukrainian exporters of flour to stop shipments of the product, despite the present possibility to conquer the vacant world markets of flour. As a reminder, in 2009/2010 Milling Year, Ukraine exported 117’000 tonnes of flour. At the same time, market participants informed that the limiting measures started working from the beginning of the present week. In the previous week, flour export shipments were provided without any Customs inspections (source:

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