Ukraine: Customs to block one million tons of grains

Kiev / UA. (ami) As of to date, nearly one million tonnes of grains is blocked in the Ukrainian ports, announced the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA). According to the announcement, GAFTA monitors the situation in the ports of Ukraine, where the Customs Service limited the traders possibility of grain exports without having any legal foundation for such measures. Nearly ten days passed after the first letter of GAFTA regarding the overwhelmingly important issue, and the situation did not become better. About one million tonnes of grains is blocked in the ports, stated the announcement.

The Association underlined that during more than a month the exporters from Ukraine tried to supply the products on foreign markets, and the importers were waiting for the supply. The technical trade barrier, which the Customs Service set, caused the essential damage to the exporters and importers, and moreover, discredited the reputation of Ukraine as the stable trade partner. Unofficial deny from grain supplies will possibly cause the negative reaction during the negotiation on establishment of the free trade zone with the EU.

The international trade is indignant by the unmotivated administrative limitations, which caused such unfounded preventing measures, and asking to stop the reporting steps immediately, which are the real trade barrier, announced GAFTA. Previously, the State Committee of Ukraine for regulatory policy and entrepreneurship asked the Government to withdraw letters of State Customs Service, limiting grain exports from Ukraine.

The steps of the State Customs Service regarding delaying of vessels with grain cargoes in the Ukrainian ports are illegal, stated Igor Kotlyar, the Director of the Subsidiary Enterprise Syntez-Trans, and the expert in transport issue and tariff policy of the All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation.

As a reminder, Eugene Leng, the General Director of the company Ukrzernoprom Agro Ltd., stated that the Customs Service has to allow the vessels with grains to put out to sea. Previously, the Customs Service announced that the Service is going to finally expose the large-scale abuses during grain export trading (source:

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