Ukraine: Government denied from grain quotas imposition

Kiev / UA. (ami) The Government of Ukraine will not impose grain export quotas in the nearest future, as it was planned earlier, announced Viktor Slauta, the Vice Prime-Minister of Ukraine, on August 27.

The Vice Prime-Minister noted that the grain traders, working in Ukraine, offered to the Government to impose grain export quotas from September 15 of the current year.

Slauta said that it is necessary to live till September 15, and if nothing negative happens, the Government will allow the market to work free.

According to him, grain export quoting will be possibly imposed in the case of sharp prices increase on the world markets, and the speculative processes on the domestic market. Slauta also announced that to date, Ukraine exports grain in the normal mode.

No one delays anybody, vessels with grains are going to export, said he while commenting the announcements of the range of grain market operators about vessels delaying with grains in the ports.

As it was announced, the Government of Ukraine planned to consider the possibility of grain export quotas imposition during the meeting on August 25, however the Government did not consider it.

The Government discussed the possibility of quotas imposition at the level of 2,5 million tonnes for grain exports during the period of September 01 till the end of 2010, including 1,5 million tonnes of wheat, 1,0 million tonnes of barley and 0,01 million tonnes of rye.

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, as of August 26, 2010, grains and leguminous plants production in Ukraine totalled 29,2 million tonnes, down 21 percent compared to the same date of the last year. In particular, the country produced 17,9 million tonnes of wheat.

According to the forecast of the Government, new crop volumes of grains will total 40 to 42 million tonnes as opposed to 46 million tonnes in 2009. Grain exports from Ukraine in the current Milling Year will total 15 to 17 million tonnes.

Recently, the US Department of Agriculture has decreased grains crop forecast in Ukraine for 2010 period by 6,2 million tonnes to 38,75 million tonnes, and export forecast down 4,2 million tonnes to the level of 15 million tonnes (source: