Ukraine: harvested grains throughout 9,4 million hectares

Kiev / UA. (ami) According to the State Committee of Statistics of Ukraine, as of July 31, 2009, all agricultural economies of Ukraine harvested grains and leguminous plants (without maize) throughout the area of 9,4 million hectares, an increase of 22,3 percent compared to the same date of 2008, which also totaled 69 percent from the sowing areas-2009 (2008: 59 percent). Agrarians produced 20,7 million tonnes of grains (in clean weight); down 0,5 percent compared to the beginning of August of the previous year. The average yield totaled 28,5 centner per hectare; down 6,4 centner per hectare compared to the previous year. Ukrainian agrarians harvested rapeseed throughout the area of 915 thousand hectares (86 percent of harvesting areas), the production volumes totaled 1,7 million tonnes with the average yield of 18,6 centner per hectare, declared the State Committee of Statistics on August 13 (source:

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