Ukraine: quotas not to be active without required distribution

Kiev / UA. (ami) During the meeting on October 12 the Government did not consider the issue of grain export quotas imposition, announced Nikolay Prysiazhnyuk, the Minister of Agrarian Policy. Viktor Slauta, the Vice Prime-Minister of Ukraine, noted that grain export quotas were accepted previously, but to date the Government solves the issue of grain quotas distribution procedure.

The quotas are accepted by the Government, to date the Cabinet of Ministers decides if there be the auctions or the special committee distributes them. The Ministry of Economy should regulate the issue, stated he. The Vice Prime-Minister noted that for quotas selling auctions establishment, it is necessary to change the current legislation. At the same time, Slauta stated that he is against imposition of the quotas at the auctions.

According to the Vice Prime-Minister, the auctions introducing will cause grain purchasing prices decrease. According to him, it is also unreasonable to impose quotas for maize exports. According to the balances, the grain production volumes will total eleven million tonnes, stated the Vice Prime-Minister.

According to him, Ukraine will not consume the above stated maize volumes. At the same time, he stated that long-term storing effects negatively at maize quality. Slauta forecasts that the Government will impose quotas in the nearest ten days (source: