Unilever PLC: Q3-2023 Trading Statement

London / UK. (ul) British Unilever PLC announced its Q1-2023 Trading Statement. Chief Executive Officer Hein Schumacher: «Unilever is a company with strong fundamentals: a portfolio of great brands used by 3.4 billion people each day, number one or two category positions across 80 percent of its turnover, an unrivalled global footprint, and a team of talented people.

«Despite these strengths, our performance in recent years has not matched our potential. The quality of our growth, productivity and returns have all under-delivered.

«Now we are setting out our action plan to close this gap. We will drive faster growth by stepping up innovation and investment behind our Power Brands; we will drive simplicity and productivity, leveraging the full strength of our operating model; and we will sharpen our performance culture through strong leadership and stretching goals.

«I am excited about what we can achieve by delivering on these three priorities, as we focus on unlocking Unilever’s full potential in the months and years ahead.» For additional information please read the company’s PDF file below (94 KB):