Vaasan + Vaasan Oy: is replaced with Vaasan Oy

Espoo / FI. (vv) The names of both – the Vaasan + Vaasan Group and the limited company Vaasan + Vaasan Oy in Finland – have changed. Now the group is known as VAASAN Group and the limited company as VAASAN Oy (bakenet:eu will continue to avoid upper-case characters in corporate names).

Vaasan is continuously working to streamline its operations and the succinct new name is part of this ongoing development, the company said in a press release. The new name works perfectly for this purpose, as it is the same as its bread brand in Finland. «I believe that the name change will further strengthen our brand name», CEO Kalle Tanhuanpää says.

The company´s roots are in the town of Vaasa, where August Alexander Levón built Finland´s first steam mill 160 years ago. Eager to try new things, the young entrepreneur ran his business with exceptional drive to innovation. «We believe health will be an increasingly important factor when choosing food products. We meet the expectations of our customers and consumers by continuously producing and developing delicious and healthy bakery products», Tanhuanpää adds.

The Finnish bakery group has grown over the course of 160 years and has become an internationally leading supplier in the bakery industry having operations in Finland, Sweden, Norway and all the Baltic countries.