Vertical Farming: Special distinction for Swegreen-CIO

Stockholm / SE. (swe) As «Aktuell Hållbarhet» unveils the list of «Sweden’s 101 most powerful in sustainability 2023», amongst names such as Anton Foley of Aurora, rockstar scientist Johan Rockström, UN representatives, corporate sustainability directors and VPs, EU commissioners or party leaders such as former prime minister Magdalena Andersson – one name is of extra importance for the «Future of Farming» in Sweden: Sepehr Mousavi, green tech advocate and Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Swegreen AB.

Every year since 2009 «Aktuell Hållbarhet», which is Sweden’s leading sustainability magazine and journal, introduces a list of 101 individuals who have made significant contributions to sustainable practices in Sweden in relation to their position of influence and power. Nominations and votes from their readers are combined with the contributions of a heavy jury to create a comprehensive list of leaders striving for a more sustainable Sweden, and the list is called «Sweden’s 101 Most Powerful in Sustainability».

This year, Swegreen’s Sepehr Mousavi has been nominated on the «101» list. The jury recognized his efforts for «taking the concept of locally produced food to another level, by using an innovation and AI-driven approach in futuristic agriculture». In particular, for what Swegreen offers as vertical in-store farming solutions which enable hyper local production of greens for retailers, supermarkets and restaurants and reduces many plates’ environmental footprint.

«I am honored to be recognized as one of Sweden’s 101 Most Powerful people in Sustainability,» said Sepehr Mousavi.«At Swegreen, we believe that technology can play a crucial role in creating a sustainable food system, and we have committed to developing an innovative solution that is well received in Sweden and increases the access to locally grown food.»

Swegreen-founder Andreas Dahlin (left) and Sepehr Mousavi, when their company was awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences.20230428-SWEGREEN-02

«We congratulate Sepehr for this prestigious recognition,» says Pierre Mohlin, CEO of Swegreen. This recognition follows several other esteemed accolades for Swegreen, including a nomination by World Food Prize in 2020, an honorary award by the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences in their «Smart Industry Award 2021» and inclusion in the list «Foodtech 500», a list of five hundred most innovative agtech and foodtech companies of the world in 2021 and 2022.

«The recognition is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Swegreen team, and not just me. I am grateful for the efforts of my colleagues and partners and even our customers and investors who dared, trusted and supported us,» adds Sepehr. «I have dedicated the last 10 years of my life to build a career in sustainable tech, by moving to Sweden and helping to build the young industry of vertical farming and this nomination is of great confirmation for me personally».

Swegreen congratulates Sepehr on this impressive achievement, and the company is looking forward to continuing its mission of creating a more sustainable food system that benefits the planet and the people who call it home under the «Future of Farming» motto (Photos: Swegreen).